Wednesday, June 1, 2016

VMware's new Virtual Technical Advisor (VTA) Service

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 3.18.27 PMAnyone familiar with VMware's Technical Account Manager (TAM) services knows the benefits to having such a resource as your advocate. Our customers gave TAM services a Net Promotor Score (NPS) of 67.5%, which is incredibly high for such a paid service. We're in an age where great software paired with great services is the best way to squeeze the most value out of your investments. Adopting new technologies, embracing the Cloud, exploring hyper converged infrastructure can be daunting tasks. VMware wants you to be confident in your endeavors and that's where the Technical Account Manager and Virtual Technical Advisor services come in!

TAM has been around the block for quite a while, however it has often been out of scope or financial reach for most smaller IT organizations. The thought of a VMware rep in regular weekly cadence was a nice thought, but often out of reach due to financial constraints.
Introducing VTA Services

VMware Virtual Technical Advisor (VTA) Services is a new offering for mid-market customers seeking a trusted advisor with the expertise and tools focused on your operational maturity. Designed specifically for smaller IT organizations, VTA services extends the reach of TAM services in an entirely new way.

Unlike the TAM who is local to your business and available to be onsite regularly, the VTA is a remote offering that adopts Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) to promote collaboration and consistent communication with you and your team. The VTA service allows one onsite visit per year, and encourages bi-weekly cadence meetings to ensure ongoing alignment with your business goals.

Per the VTA Service Overview, a Virtual Technical Advisor:

  • Is focused on achieving your IT outcomes

  • Documents your virtual infrastructure

  • Recommends Technical Improvement Plans based on environmental analysis

  • Helps you transition your IT operations from reactive to proactive

  • Supports your team in maintaining a stable, operationally efficient VMware environment

  • Enables smooth transitions to new VMware technologies

  • Is available directly via email, phone, and Instant Messaging

All of this and more comes at a price point reachable by most mid-market customers. If your organization falls under the category of mid-market business and a VTA sounds right for you, reach out to your VMware Rep, Sales Partner, or learn more at at VMware's website.



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