PC Builds

Whether it's your next gaming rig, your home server, or your home office, consider my desktop building service for your next PC!

Why my service is different

Friendly and professional experience from beginning to end.
  • Selecting, purchasing, and assembling computer parts can be time consuming, and even frustrating. My goal is for you to be confident in your selections and rest easy knowing your PC is being put together with the utmost care.
Choose from pre-designed, proven builds. Or go custom based on your needs.
  • My pre-designed builds cater toward 4 primary groups: Home Users, Pro Users, Gamers, and Designers. If you'd like something more custom, we build you a unique profile so your specs match your needs.
Low flat rates based on design.
  • My starting fee is $100
Only the highest quality components.
  • Name brands are used to reduce risk of hardware failure and increase confidence in your build.
Operating system of your choice.
  • Pre-load your new rig with Windows 10 at a discount, or try something new with Linux
Limited warranty.
  • In addition to manufacturer warranties, all delivered PC builds include 6 months of hardware support/warranty (only available in Colorado).

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